Friday, November 11, 2011

Sure Bob Cole Has A Good Beat, But He's Hard to Dance To

I’m not exactly what you call a “music guy.” As a matter of fact, my I-Tunes account is nothing but podcasts and songs I’ve downloaded for the kiddo’s, “I-Touch”. Seriously, if I put one more song on there by the Jonas Brothers, I’m going to have to invoke Meaghan’s Law on it.
 Here are three things I just don’t get about music…
1.      Bjork. It’s like one of those weird Japanese game shows had a baby with Meg Tilly and set it to music. I don’t want to listen to anyone whose name sounds like something you’d find at IKEA.

2.      Singing shows. I am apparently the only person in the world that doesn’t’ have aspirations to sing. And even if I did, I’d win hands down. You know why? I’d have a hook. Who cares if you can sing, you’ve got to have a good back story that keeps people interested. “Yeah, I know, I butchered that high note, but I’m only here because it was my dying Grandmother’s wish before she left for Iraq. Oh and she raised me, and she has ADHD.” Winner!

3.      Tom Petty – When Steve Buscemi’s wife fantasizes, she closes here eyes and thinks of Tom Petty. 
In closing, get off my damn lawn! Enjoy this week’s, “Fun with Audio”

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