Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Fun with Audio 2 - Don Cherry, Glen Ross

So, my Dad called me last night and wanted to know why Don Cherry hates these cans. It took me a while to figure it out, but I think my Dad wanted to know why Don Cherry hates the Canucks.

If you missed it, hockey and French whorehouse upholstery enthusiast, Don Cherry let everyone know just what the Canuck’s deal is.  (5:00 mark)
The Canucks, and especially Ryan Kesler were unfazed by Cherry’s criticism which can only mean he’s about to take it one step further (louder).  It seems for this week’s, Coach’s Corner, Cherry’s added a wrinkle to his schtick.
According to an inside source, he’s (Cherry) gotten legendary scribe David Mamet to write a response to Kesler and the Canucks. Luckily, I know one of the guys from Industrial Light and Magic who works one of the remotes for Ron MacLean’s face. I think he’s the “intense stare” guy.
Anyways, I’ve gotten an advance copy. I just hope it’s not incendiary or anything

Again, Big thanks to my friend @mackarelsoda for the impressions. He's a great follow!

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